Coming soon to ebook and paperback:
Maddie Ware and the Skunk Bottom Bake-Off

Join 11-year-old Madeline Ware as she tries to survive sixth grade in the same class as the Four H’s, handle mothers who take over every fun activity in her life, and stand up to the Skunk Bottom Ladies Circle. This middle-grade story is sure to delight anyone who has ever made plans only to have someone else stand in their way.

Current draft being presented on the blog:
River Hollow 2 (working title)

In this novel, we return to River Hollow seven months after Alexander Radcliff moved to town. He and Mayor Strangewayes are hitting if off which pleases many but also angers some. When strange things start happening and unseen forces threaten the very fabric of River Hollow, everyone’s loyalties will be tested.